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Episode 0: An introduction
Episode 0: An introduction
Welcome to the first ever Animus podcast.

For a long time I had wanted to do a deep dive into French cinephilia. How does it compare to the cliché that sees France as an inherently cinephilic country? How do French people actually live it? And is it in fact strictly limited to Paris? These are just some of the many questions I have and that, having lived all my cinephilic years in London, I’ve had no real chance to investigate before.

Now, I finally have an opportunity to try and answer them. My sister Manuela is going to spend a week in our native Clermont-Ferrand before living in Paris for a month while she participates in an intensive acting workshop. Every week during her trip, we will talk on the podcast about her experience of film culture in France, as well as the films she will be seeing at the Cinémathèque Française, the Forum des Images, some of the many independent cinemas in the French capital, but also in its multiplexes. 

This first episode is an introduction to the project and free to all. The others will be available to all Paid Subscribers. By becoming a Paid Subscriber, you also get access to all past paid texts. 

If you have any questions (or Paris tips) for Manuela or me, you can reach out on Twitter at @animus_mag, @elazic and @manilazic, on Instagram at @animus_mag, on BlueSky at, or by email at

If you like this episode, please share it far and wide! Becoming a Paid Subscriber is the best way to support Animus, but you can also make a one-time or recurring donation on the website — every little helps. 

–Elena Lazic

PS. Ignore the mention of Patreon at the end — this podcast will be on Substack only!

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The French Dispatch

An investigation into the clichés about French culture and cinema. In the first ever Animus podcast, founder and editor Elena Lazic in London, UK, talks to her sister Manuela once a week about the latter's experience of cinephilia in Paris, France — from the cost of cinemagoing to the differences in programming, from independent cinemas to multiplexes, etc.

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